Frequently Asked Questions

At Meridian, we have an open-vendor policy. You are able to bring in any vendor that you would like, including the caterer of your choice, with no restrictions, provided the vendor is willing to go through a simple registration process. We do have a list of recommended vendors that you are welcome to choose from but we do not require you to use anyone on that list. If you are planning on having alcohol and if you have more than 50 guests, then you are required to use our preferred bartender. Please contact us at 336-218-6470 to more information or please see our recommended Vendors on our website. 

Yes! We would love the opportunity to show you all our ballrooms and discuss the details of your event.  You may fill in the simple inquiry form or call us at 336-218-6470 to schedule the tour. We will make sure we schedule a time with you when we don’t have events taking place in the rooms that you would like to see. We typically schedule tours from 10am-7pm during the week; Saturdays we can schedule from 10 am - 3 pm. 

Yes, we offer payment plans and we are happy to work with you. An initial deposit is due at the time of booking and you have the option to pay in full or to set up a monthly payment plan. For specific information, please contact the convention center directly. If you are booking within 3 months of your event, full payment is due at the time of booking.

Parking is free

You can use Meridian site or Reserve cloud

Bookings can be done in person at Meridian Convention Center, or over the phone. For payment plan options, please make your reservation at the Center or over the phone with a Meridian representative.

Use pay option at top of the screen.

Meridian Convention Center is available for events every day from 10am-7pm during all weekdays. We works on Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Contact us directly at 336-218-6470 during our non working hours.